Tadeáš Bolo

Tadeáš Bolo

date of birth: 24.12.1998

height: 186 cm

eyes: brown

hair: brown

languages: slovak, czech, english, german

special skills: Audiobook reading, Ballroom dancing, climbing, Driver’s licence, Fencing, Horn, ice skating, Juggling, Recitation, rollerskating, skiing


Tadeáš Bolo is pursuing acting studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Already as a freshman, he had a role in a graduation play supervised by Roman Polák and Michal Vajdička. Currently he performs with several drama ensembles, including Slovak National Theatre, working with top directors. He has extensive on-camera experience e.g. with the great Czech director Jan Hřebejk (“Iveta”) ; siding Tomáš Maštalír in a popular sitcom ; and other TV shows. He was awarded a role in the most successful Slovak film in recent years, “The Invalid”, a dark comedy (2023). Also, in an international production “Emma and Death’s Head”, a period drama (in post-production). In his spare time he enjoys writing lyrics, dialogue and music for a duo with a fellow friend.